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How often do you need to wash your hair?

Shampooing hair daily may result in washing money down the drain, but the optimal shampooing frequency varies, and depends on several factors.

How often do you wash your hair?

It may come as no surprise, but you are likely to hear many different answers to this question. Some people believe they should shampoo daily, but the optimal frequency really depends on your lifestyle and your hair.

Should you wash your hair daily?

If you wash your hair every day, you’re removing the sebum, then the oil glands compensate by producing more oil. It’s ok to go a few days without shampooing. For hair that’s normal in terms of oiliness and medium in weight, we recommend to go as long as they can without shampooing .Have a lot of “flyways” or “brakeage” around the crown of your head? This could mean your shampooing too often.
There is an exception to every rule, for people with very oily scalps that could mean a daily shampoo. Maybe incorporating the Redken Pillow Proof regime to your arsenal would be beneficial.

Factors in hair washing frequency

  • The hair’s texture
  • The hair’s strength
  • The climate in which you live
  • Your race and ethnicity

Here is a general guideline: Normal to dry hair once to twice per week,
Fine or oily hair can be washed more frequently, every day or every other day.
Thick or coarse hair:  every other day or every third day.
Our recommendation for those of you who feel you need to shampoo more frequently is Redken Genius Wash, or Pureology Conditioning Cleansers both are conditioning cleansers developed to be alternated with your regular shampoo choice.

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