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Caring for your Lash Extensions : Summer Edition

Summer is officially in full swing!

If you have gone this far into the summer without lash extensions on... it's safe to say you've been battling your share of raccoon eyes, smudging, smearing and possibly some tears from the mascara battle. Everyone wants to look effortlessly chic year round, but summer brings out our most natural side. With lash extensions there is no risk of smudging or smearing! Women literally wake up looking like a summer goddess.

Here are some additional tips for keeping them lasting in all the summer activities. Swimming:In the ocean or the pool, chlorine or salt water can affect lash retention, after swimming rinse with fresh water, Xtreme Protective Coating is a must to provide the protection needed.

BonFires & BBq's, remember eyelash extensions are similar to human hair, if they get exposed to a flame they will singe.

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