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Which Oil is For You?

Cuticle oil softens the skin, repairs cuticles and extends the life of a manicure. But Cuticle oil is a bit of a catch- all phrase, since no regulation dictates bottles’ ingredients. It could be a blend of vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond, coconut etc.… But while the source of the oil may vary, the intent does not: Cuticle Oil protects the skin, improves nail growth and keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer.

Your Nails also benefit from Cuticle oil, they become more flexible because of the oil, which prevents them from becoming brittle and dry so the polish is less likely to chip. The cuticle oil keeps the polish pliable, which will further reduce chipping if applied twice daily.

Cuticle oil is beneficial to everyone, whether they have natural nails, gel polish, acrylics, gel enhancements, or even pedicures. Our Cuticles protect our nails. When our cuticles are in good condition, it helps to grow stronger, healthier nails.

Our recommendation for the best Cuticle oil is CND Solar Oil, it has a blend of Sweet Almond oil , jojoba oil,& Vitamin E oil. This oil penetrates through polish and nail enhancements.

For dry, compromised, split nails try CND Recue RXx   oil the same oils as Solar oil but with added Keratin to strengthen your nails. Use on un- polished nails two times a day for two weeks.

Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes: The small molecules can penetrate deep into the nails layers.

Almond Oil: Softens and conditions. The larger molecules stay closer to the skins surface and nourish the upper layers of the skin.

Vitamin E: Softens and reduces the signs of aging.

Avocado Oil: Moisturizes the skin. Because it easily penetrates the skin, avocado oil often acts as a great carrier oil to help other oils penetrate deeper.

Grape Seed Oil: Seals moisture in and makes skin soft and flexible.

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